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Real Estate is in a constant state of change and those changes have been more noticeable since the COVID-19 crisis started. Calgary has been affected just like every other populated area in the country, but the value of the properties in most high-end neighborhoods is holding up without any issues.

Today, we are going to give you an overview on Calgary real estate and the value on the best neighborhoods.

The best neighborhoods in Calgary

This city is home to some of the most beautiful high-end neighborhoods in Alberta. Purchasing property in the top areas is always going to be a good investment regardless of the situations that are affecting the world. This is the case with the current COVID pandemic, but the value of the homes in most high-end areas seems to be very stable.

It’s hard to say what is going to happen in the coming months, but Calgary continues to be a place that is booming and gaining popularity in the home buyer market.

The following are some of the best neighborhoods in Calgary (population estimates from 2019):


With a population of close to 7,400 people, Brentwood is a very exclusive neighborhood that is considered the best in the city. With over 60% of the constructions being family homes, this is an excellent choice for those who can afford the costs. The average value of a property is close to half a million.

Huntington Hills

This neighborhood has an approximate of 13,400 inhabitants and this is nearly twice as populated as Brentwood, perhaps this is the only reason why it is seen as the second best choice, but the property value is significantly lower with a median assessed value of $379,000.


Bowness is also a top-level neighborhood with homes that have an average value of $354,000. The population stands at close to 11,100 and over 45% of the homes in the area are inhabited by families. The slight price range difference makes it a very affordable option when you compare it to other high-end neighborhoods in the area.


With a population of close to 12,700 people and a property value at close to half million, this neighborhood is also an excellent choice hat sites below more affordable choices due to the access points not being as optimal, but this does not make it any less convenient in general.

Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake is home to a population of approximately 10,700 people. This is also a relatively pricy neighborhood, but the properties certainly make up for the price tag. At $450,000 on average, these properties are an outstanding investment for anyone looking to purchase a beautiful house in a top-level neighborhood.


Acadia is a place that roughly 10,600 people call home. The average value of a property in this location is around $385,000 and this makes it a relatively affordable high-end neighborhood. Acadia is quickly gaining popularity in the market.


Populated by around 8,900 people, this is a neighborhood that has been working its way to a higher rank with homes that come close to $450,000 in value. This is to be expected of such a vibrant and beautiful place.

Lake Bonavista

At approximately 10,300 inhabitants, Lake Bonavista has some of the best settings in the city and the price of the properties is as expected with most properties being sold for a bit over half a million. A house by the lake is always the type of house that is going to have more market value regardless of any crisis.

Signal Hill

Signal hill is also quite high on value with most homes going for prices around $555,000. This is a location that is gaining popularity as one of the most valuable purchase options in Calgary. The price range is one of the highest, but the homes are most definitely worth the investment.


This area is vastly populated when compared to other neighborhoods in this category. The population is close to reaching 16,000 and the number family owned properties is the highest with over 80%. This makes it the kind of neighborhood that anyone would find optimal to raise children.

Other noticeable family-friendly neighborhoods include:

• • • • • • • • •

New Brighton Evanston Kingsland
Forest lawn Renfrew
Scenic Acres Marlborough Park Pineridge

• • • •

Buying property in Calgary in 2020

There is a feeling of uncertainty that is looming over every individual that is involved in real estate. There is no telling how much longer we are going to be affected by this crisis, but the one thing that is certain is that the value of investing in Calgary properties continues to be quite high.

If you feel hesitant about buying property in 2020, we can tell you with certainty that one of the best locations to purchase property right now is the city of Calgary. The outstanding neighborhood options are a very attractive selling point in the area.

Look for professional assistance

Finding a good agent to help you in this process is going to be crucial if you want to save time while also procuring the best deal. Keep in mind that there are plenty of properties available on different price ranges, and it could take you a while to find the best deals in the best areas.

Hiring a seasoned real estate agent that knows the ins and outs of Calgary is very useful and it will allow you to start looking at the best options that each neighborhood has to offer. Some people prefer to do this on their own, but the process is going to take a significantly longer period of time.

Final thoughts

Real estate is constantly evolving and shifting with new trends, but those who feel hesitant about buying and selling in the current market can always look for options that continue to hold their value regardless of the situation. There is always a risk involved in this kind of investment, but the rewards can be immense if an investment is made at the right time and in the right location.

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